It's that time of year again. Kids are heading back to school or college, and there are sales all over you look as retailers attempt to unload their summertime product. The automobile sector is no different. Back to school is a fun time for dealerships to clear inventory from their lots. In doing so, you will often find them offering deals that may… Read More

The lucky bamboo makes a good indoor plant due to the fact that it does not require much care. It can grow up to 3 inches a year with periodic application of a plant fertilizer if you water it frequently and provide it enough light. You can transplant it in a brand-new pot very easily as this plant is extremely resistant if your plant has outgrown … Read More

Book marketing is intimidating. The bookstore is thick with competitors. The expense of book distribution is strong. And shelf area is pricey enough to drive a small publisher into bankruptcy. Street marketing provides an economical approach to disperse your book direct to the customer. In the process of marketing, your company is branded and consu… Read More